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Market Indices as of Apr 17 - 22:00
Symbol Name Last Change Percent YTD Percent 52W-High 52W-LowLinks
$NYANYSE Composite10532.82+27.04+0.26%+1.27%10669.428814.75
  Q   C   O  
$XAXAMEX Composite2593.90-0.44-0.02%+6.91%2629.102186.97
  Q   C   O  
$XMIMajor Market Index1836.24-2.35-0.13%+0.99%1851.351560.81
  Q   C   O  
$DXYUS Dollar Index79.85+0.03+0.04%-0.37%84.7578.99
  Q   C   O  

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