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Webmaster's Tools provides webmasters with free opportunities to embed dynamic data onto their pages.

  • Linking to - The code necessary to link to for a quote, chart, opinion or profile.

  • Co-branding with - Information about free value-added co-branding content for your site.

  • Quotes Applet - The code to add a fully customized quotes applet.

  • Ticker Applet - The code to add a fully customized ticker to your site.

  • Barchart U.S. MorningCall Cobrand - Add a professional newsletter to your website in seconds! Barchart U.S. Morning Call is delivered to your users before the markets open, covering all of the important overnight news and events.

Additional information is available upon request:

Customized versions of co-branded pages and the other pages within the Barchart site are available as a private label. For more information on private-label products, please visit

Note: Chicago Mercantile Exchange ("CME") and the Chicago Board of Trade ("CBOT") requires a special license for websites to display delayed CME or CBOT market data through Quote or Ticker Applets. To display delayed CME or CBOT market data websites will need to register with The cost for continued display of CME or CBOT delayed market data is $250 per month, for all other websites, CME and CBOT market data will only be made available as closing prices.

Note: Dow Jones requires a license agreement to display DJ indexes. Fees are based on usage. If you are interested in obtaining a license to display the Dow Jones indexes, please call or e-mail Erica Day at (609)-520-5486 or

Note: Standard & Poors are now requiring our customers to pay royalties to display S&P indexes on their website(s). Royalties are payable directly to Standard and Poors, through the CME.

Note: New York Mercantile Exchange and the Intercontinental Exchange forbid any display of market data on websites, delayed or end of day, unless the website is owned by a registered market vendor.

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